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Lubbock Piano Gallery


Lubbock Piano Gallery is happy to supply pianos for any and all pianist.  We know that not everyone plays the piano, but still enjoy listening to the piano. We offer a variety of different player pianos for those who want a beautiful piano in their home that will play itself.   Whether you are relaxing at home alone or hosting a party, the player piano offers a variety of genres of music for you to chose from such as Classical, Jazz, Country, Pop, Christmas, Rock, and many many more.  

 We are honored to offer you a variety of choices on Player Piano Systems.  We represent both QRS and Pianodisc systems. Both are great companies and offer great products.  


Already own a piano but want a player on it?  We can add a player system to your current piano at any time. Contact us for more information. 



QRS Youtube Video 


Pianodisc Youtube Video